Warrior Experiences

Hawaii Breathwork

"Mahalo for helping me connect so deeply with myself. I never knew the depths of what was in me until experiencing your masterful warrior breathwork session. Thank you Michael and Shawna for your laser sharp intuition and your gentle, non-invasive ways of assisting my process.... you are masters at holding the space...I LOVE your work.... you are both a blessing to me and everyone who experiences this! Mahalo to you and Shawna!"
"I want to thank you both for setting the space and holding the space for such profound experiences to occur. I feel so open and free and powerful today and I'm so happy to have discovered this type of breathwork. So much gratitude for all of it! I know in my core that it is helping tremendously."
"Wow. This is amazing. It worked again. Deeply. I have a difficult decision to be made and this put it all in perspective. Love both of you and this work."
"Thank you. I feel like I can finally be happy again."
"Aloha Michael, wanted to check in and let you know what a powerful week this has been for me. Many doors were opened for me during our time with you and Shawna. MAHALO! For being our guide. I am so excited for what spirit has in store for us in the future!!! Blessings dear one for your courage to step up and share and make a difference!!!"
"michael your breathwork is really powerful. you're definately gifted and i'm so happy with you that you share your wisdom and help to heal the world. i already participated several healing classes, workshops or events but yours seems really special to me. the first sunday breathwork in may was mindblowing. and the didgeridoo is just wow - lost words to describe. see quite powerful what happens during your session. therefore i want to express my deep appreciation for your work again - mahalo nui loa michael for being part of my healing journey🙏🏼"

Remote Breathwork

"It was truly a blessing having crossed paths with Shawna and Michael. With their guidance in my journey, I have reached a deeper understanding of myself and improved the self-development tools I carry with me in this life. Warrior breath takes you into a deeper understanding of what you are still holding on to from the past, whether that be physically, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. The empowerment and support you feel after their sessions is truly liberating and hard to compare with any external liberation you come across. I have had the pleasure to sit in the ceremony, as well as hold a virtual space with Shawna and Michael facilitating. Their instruction and intention set with every session create’s a mystical transcendence to the work. The technique and teachings we endure together have allowed me to step into my power, creating an affirmed relationship with my warrior self. Pain and pleasure are two extremes, but together becomes divine."
"I didn't know what I was getting into. I've done 1-on-1 guided meditations w/ Shawna before but this was new territory for me. I would normally shy away from something like this but I had a gut feeling that I was going to be safe and in good hands, which I was! The pace and cadence of breathing was hard to keep up with since it was my first time but I loved how Michael and Shawna reminded us during the ceremony to breath. The music was uplifting and strategically placed. Every song gave off a different type of energy, which helped me go down deeper and deeper into the meditation. If you've ever seen the movie "Inception", you'll kind of have an idea of what I experienced. No, Shawna and Michael did not hijack my subconscious and plant an idea in there for me. But they took me on this amazing journey that resulted me in tears (happy tears). Would I do breath work again? Of course I would! Mahalo to you and Shawna!"
"This was my first experience with breath work. It was quite profound, more than I expected."
"The class was awesome im a beginner and i did the breathing quite well. I thought i stopped and got taken away a few times and then fell asleep for 10mins lol but then just got back into it...it was quite lengthy but still thoroughly enjoyed it... thank you for a great experience."

New Zealand Breathwork

"I'm shocked. I got more out of this breathwork session than I did during 10 days of Vipassana meditation."
"I’m sure that because you guys are such caring and warm souls, I felt relaxed and in a safe space. I could be my self. It was an amazing experience and I’m so grateful that I get to do it with you."
"Shawna and Michael, My deepest gratitude for the workshop today, you are very gifted and I got so much out of it. Thank you"
"The experience I had after a session with Michael was one of the most powerful and meaningful moments of my life. The potency of the energy I felt was like nothing I have ever felt before and I found myself letting go of things I didn't even know I was suppressing. The atmosphere that Michael cultivated with us in the room was so beautiful and heart-opening, much love and gratitude for his gentleness and wisdom."

California Breathwork

"Michael brings great energy, focus and a scientist’s mind to his healing. He created a significant shift in how I felt for a while after the session. He is serious when it comes to both learning and practicing the technique, which is instantly felt. I highly recommend him."
"Michael is an amazing man. I’ve taken a couple breath work sessions with him and experience my body in such a beautiful way. I didn’t know that was even possible. It’s great medicine and I would highly recommend his work."
"Michael guided me through a breathwork session in his very own and specific way, combining different techniques, in a safe environment. He’s very intuitive and has the knowledge to do so. I could observe a deep and unexpected release of emotions afterwards. The experience definitely opened some new awareness within me. I would absolutely do it again."
"I was lucky enough to have been able to do a couple of sessions with Michael. They were extremely healing and transformative. I would highly recommend working with him for any energy healing. He was Incredibly professional and intuitive. He held proper space for me to process and heal. I am extremely grateful for the experience and would recommend it for any one."
"Wow having met Michael has been such a BLESSING. He’s a beautiful soul with pure intentions of healing people. I’ve done breath work and meditation sessions with him. And they all have been incredible, life changing, and healing. He’s so passionate about what he does, it comes through his work during the sessions. His breath work session is one of a kind type of experience. He combines sound healing, plays amazing instruments during the sessions, which helps your chakras open up and experience your own true nature. Both my friend and I experienced going into deep states of consciousness simply through his breath work techniques and guidance. I wish I lived closer to him, because I would take advantage of his amazing sessions. Whenever I feel some type of blockage, or am in need of some healing, or I'm just simply ready to move to another stage of my evolutions Michael IS the person that I think of. Michael, I cannot thank you enough for being such a beautiful part of my journey."
"A session with Michael is like warm chocolate chip cookies for the soul. I left my session literally tingling, walking on clouds and experiencing life thru a soft lens of non judgment - everything sparkled. I am in a transition right now in my life and the healing work I did with Michael anchored me in the now of possibilities. I have tried many different healing modalities over my lifetime and spent a year engaging in holotropic breath work - Michael's work is like nothing I have ever experienced. This is energetic, vibrational healing on a whole new level. I can't wait for my next session - he is an extraordinary healer with an extraordinary gift. Thank you Michael for sharing it with the world!!"
"The immediate knowing of Michael's eagerness to heal and of its pure intentions opened me up to just letting go and submitting myself fully to the moment. The practice of breathwork is a beautiful and raw way of strengthening your connection to spirit-- there were moments for me where it was easier to give up but Michaels guidance and trust we shared helped me reach a transformative moment. I felt each of the blockages within me open up and experienced an unexpected release of emotions come through my solar-plex. That intense flow of energy pouring out was created from the combination of Michael's awareness, his intuitive ability to detect the blockages in your body, and sound therapy as he played his instrument. His session left me feeling open, aware and ever more connected to my own source. I give thanks to my friend for introducing me, and another infinite thanks to Michael for being a pivotal guide in my journey through healing."
"I have done several sessions with with Michael doing the warrior breath work and plant medicine. I can not speak highly enough of this practice. Self care only extends so far. When I need to release energy that's pent up from working with my clients. as a tattooist I endure a high level of stress generally day to day. During each session I was brought into a deep meditation. After 20 mins of breath work lots of emotions begin to flow. Each session has been different. As in points in my body which are block begin to vibrate and tighten. Michael then is able to see and use pressure point and sound therapy attention to the areas. Every time I feel lighter, clear and ready to take on the world. I am forever grateful for this mans professionalism and empathic skills as a healer. There's far too many people claiming to be healers who capitalize off their clients. This man is the REAL deal."

Bali Breathwork

"I had a really beautiful experience working with Michael. He is a great facilitator of the breathwork modality and a great intuitive. He holds the space really well, with care, and dedication, and full focus on the client, making the session flow to the direction of the energy instead of some rehearsed technique, keeping to the agreement made in the prep and not “disturbing” my process but promoting where it was I needed to go to to see my shadow, to release and to reach my highest self. I am most impressed with how individually tailored the whole process was to me, who I am, what I wanted, and how hard I was willing to push myself. In this, I saw Michael’s strength. I also find his insight and feedback very valuable. Warrior Breath is quite unique; the elements of breath, touch, tapping, presence and sound frequency combined are like no other breathwork method. I highly recommend it to anybody interested in their own evolution. Thank you, Michael"
"Thanks for the liberation"
"Wow, I had a really powerful session with Micheal. With his work I could find back to a beautiful place I haven´t remembered for a long time. I truly feel that Micheal is pure and have intentions coming from love, which is so important for me. Bliss"
"I'm very grateful for meeting Michael just days before I left Bali and having the opportunity to do a breathwork session with him. My experience was amazingly indescribable! Michael is very compassionate, intuitive, and professional. He made me feel safe and supported which allowed me to go to places I couldn't reach in other similar experiences. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Michael!"

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