Shawna Smith

“I am large, I contain multitudes”

-Walt Whitman

Ever since I was a small child I knew I was teetering on the boundary of reality and… something else. Born in New York, I moved 10 times before my family settled down in Sanford, Michigan. I grew up feeling closer to animals than humans, but over the years I have learned to apply my nurturing touch to all beings and creatures. At first my healing touch began small by nurturing sick animals back to health, raising baby squirrels who fell from their nests, but my true growth came from being the emotional bedrock of my family.

Many have described me as a sensitive empath and my abilities are a reflection of this. Instead of numbing or running from my sensitivity, which I did for many years, in my mid twenties, I decided to hone my open empathic nature and let it guide me to my path. This journey has taken me through many sacred medicines and studies. Starting with training in Akashic record reading (and clearing), various plant medicines, meditation, and yoga. Finally, in 2018 I was led to breathwork by a dashing young man, Michael, whom I met at the beach.

Breathwork was like no other medicine I had ever experienced. Moreover, the experience took me  to the peaks of the cosmos and grounded me to the depths of the earth. From that moment on, I knew I was in alignment with my higher purpose. Michael saw my potential and a year into mentoring me, asked me to begin facilitating breathwork ceremonies with him.

Becoming a facilitator and holding space for the healing of other has required me to hold grounding practices as a discipline and continuous self examination. Currently, I practice yoga, mediation, EMDR,  dreamwork, and gardening, which have all been instrumental in amplifying and grounding my innate abilities. The journey of a Warrior is like no other path I’ve taken. It is the path of the shaman, of the seer, and it is the path that has chosen me. Mahalo nui loa. 

Other services

Remote Healing Session

60 minute Reading

$60 USD

Personalized Guided Mediation

30 minute Session

$50 USD

Healing Touch

60 minute Session

$80 USD