Breathwork sessions

Private individual

60 Minute Breathwork Sessions - Remote or in Kailua Kona Hawaii

Warrior Breath

Rebalance 60 Minute Breathwork

75 Minute Breathwork session in kailua kona hawaii or remotely

Warrior Breath

Rebirth 75 Minute Breathwork


Warrior Breath

Warrior Session 90 Minute Breathwork


Private groups

Collective Transformation

Private group sessions give us an opportunity to facilitate profound shifts in the collective conscious. By witnessing and sharing a healing space, we can further grow and transform.

90 Minutes


Warrior Breath

Transcendance Session - 90 Minute Private Group


Remote Breathwork

Ethereal Sessions

Remote session durations vary depending on each individual’s needs. During the session, you will be guided deep into your etherial body to facilitate profound healing, all from the comfort of your own home.


Warrior Breath

Ethereal Breathwork Session


How to Prepare...

During the session...


"Michael brings great energy, focus and a scientist’s mind to his healing. He created a significant shift in how I felt for a while after the session. He is serious when it comes to both learning and practicing the technique, which is instantly felt. I highly recommend him."
California breathwork ceremony
"I'm shocked. I got more out of this breathwork session than I did during 10 days of Vipassana meditation."
New Zealand Breathwork Ceremony - breathwork healing
Isla Grace
"Wow. This is amazing. It worked again. Deeply. I have a difficult decision to be made and this put it all in perspective. Love both of you and this work."
Kona Hawaii Breathwork Healing Medicine