Moringa Blossom



Nourish your body with the power of Moringa Blossom. All of our teas are handpicked and sun-dried to maintain the mana of the plant. Then we store the blend in a lava tube to rest for 3 days before shipping it to your home. This process infuses the tea with the grounding mana of the beautiful Mauna we live on, Hualālai.

Explore a delicate experience with our special seasonal tea. Moringa is a powerful tree that fruits and blossoms quite frequently. The foliage of the tree has a mild spice that leaves a tingling in the back of the throat. The blossoms have a similar tingle along with the sweetness of the pollen on the front end of every sip. Enliven your senses with its earthy aroma and layered flavors.

The flowers contain vitamin A, calcium to strengthen bones, vitamin C to reduce inflammation, and some potassium, iron, and amino acids. For those who are more sensitive, this is a great morning tea and should avoid drinking in the evening. Personally, I found the tea to be very stimulating and boost my cognitive function.



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