Michael Hemmat

“There are no meaningful gains in awareness without the shedding of emotional weight.”

Born in Seattle and instinctively meditating at an early age, I have always had a strong inclination towards the divine. My dedicated meditation and yoga practice began around age 19 while attending University for engineering. Eventually, I went back to school after working in industry to earn my M.S. in Optical Engineering. All this time I felt like I was living two lives. One being the recommended track of my family and society, the other being the calling of my spirit. After 10 years I decided to fully commit to my spiritual calling, focus on healing myself, and offer that healing to others

I absolutely love sharing breathwork with everyone who has the courage to take a serious and honest look at themselves. These people are all warriors and I’m honored to be a part of their process. This work, a love and service to all my brothers and sisters, has given my life profound meaning. It is my Kuleana.

Kuleana is a Hawaiian term that has two parts. The first part is to discover and accept one’s life purpose. The second part is the responsibility to fulfill that purpose. It took me a while to realize what this meant in a functional sense, which turned out to be a life of healing and service. It is a deep honor to witness the healing process.