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Full Moon Eclipse Journey

90-minute breathwork session in combination with music healing connects us to a deeper sense of truth and compassion. Utilize the eclipse energy tojourney into this powerful rebirth!

Kailua Kona Hawaii Cacao Trance Dance Ceremony
Heart Immersion

Intuitively move with the heart medicine of cacao and connect to the rhythm of your soul. Trance dance allows for a deeper experience of yourself and your movements, unlocking your inner flow.

Breathwork Medicine

Breathwork is a timeless practice of using specific breathing techniques that bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance.  We create a unique experience through the integration of personal shamanic tools and ancient practices. Our intention is to carry participants deeper into their journey.

benefits of breathwork

Hawaii breathwork


Allows for the release of old emotions and thought patterns.

Breathwork alleviates depression, anxiety, and insomnia

Mood Enhancing

Helps alleviate depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Breathwork detoxifies the body - kona Hawaii breathwork


Boosts the immune system and clears blood of impurities.

Breathwork self-awareness - lightworker - soul retrieval - soul alignment


Brings grounding and deepens self awareness which promotes a sense of overall well-being.

Book a Private Breathwork Session

"Shawna and Michael took me on this amazing journey that resulted me in tears (happy tears). Would I do breath work again? Of course I would! Mahalo to you and Shawna!"
Remote healing - remote breathwork ceremony
"Thank you. I feel like I can finally be happy again."
Hawaii Breathwork Ceremony
"Warrior Breath is quite unique; the elements of breath, touch, tapping, presence and sound frequency combined are like no other breathwork method. I highly recommend it to anybody interested in their own evolution. Thank you!"
Bali Breathwork Ceremony